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Palmerola airport in Honduras will operate 24/7

The new Palmerola International Airport, scheduled to open its doors to the public in the last quarter of 2021, will have the capacity to operate 24 hours a day, offering fast and direct flows in boarding processes. This air terminal will be the required complement by the Toncontín Airport, classified as one of the “most dangerous in the world” due to its mountainous proximity and runway length, which prevents the possibility to support traffic and high capacity aircrafts.

Honduran authorities affirm that the modern airport, located in the Comayagua valley, 85km from the capital city of Tegucigalpa and with easy access to the main cities of the country, will work without interruptions, 24 hours a day and will allow a direct and fast flow of passengers, projecting to be among the most recognized facilities worldwide. Among its many services, the Authorities state, the airport will provide an agile baggage management process, hoping to facilitate access for faster connections.

The Palmerola Airport construction has an investment of USD 200 million dollars, generating more than 2,000 direct jobs. Once its operations start the amount of jobs will be “innumerable”, according to declarations by the Authorities, considering that a large amount of complementary services will be available for those interested, such as hotels, car rentals, gas stations, restaurants, fast food, among other businesses. The opening of Palmerola will help strengthen the country´s tourism, due to its geographical location.

This construction has been classified as an important development generator in the area, which will allow the accelerated development of Comayagua and its surrounding cities, thus allowing economic mobility and an industry boost. It will indirectly generate multiple additional jobs, especially those that benefit the tourism sector, such as the hospitality, food and transportation industries.

Graciela Cruz Raudales
García & Bodán