Regulation on part-time work in Guatemala

The ratification by Guatemala of Convention 175 of the International Labour Organization, the Part-Time Work Convention, was seen for its implementation in the need for a regulation to regulate its implementation. With the recent approval of the corr...

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Program of Accompaniment and Management of Sanitary Authorizations in Honduras

The health regulation agency is the entity that guarantees strict compliance with health regulations, whose primary purpose is the protection of health in the area of health regulation of establishments and products of health interest to the Honduran...

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Does the leasing contract have a legal basis in Nicaragua?

In Nicaragua, the Leasing contract has become one of the most important methods of financing and mainly financial institutions have opted for this mechanism. However, although it has a significant impact on Nicaraguan trade, it lacks specific regulat...

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The strike in Costa Rica

Strike action, like any workers' right, is regulated by the Labour Code. Its numeral 371 defines it as the concerted and peaceful suspension of work in a company, institution, establishment or work center, agreed and carried out by a plurality of at ...

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