García & Bodán incorporates new lawyers in Guatemala and Honduras

García & Bodán has recently hired two attorneys who will come to strengthen the Real Estate practice in their offices in Guatemala and Honduras. Rodrigo Coronado and Read More

El Salvador presents Economic Development Plan

In mid-October, an important meeting was held between senior officials of the Salvadoran government and the U.S. Treasury Secretariat at the U.S. government house in Washington, D.C., where an economic development plan for the Central American countr...

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Morazánica Week in Honduras

During the month of October, Honduras celebrated three important commemorative dates: October 3rd: Honduran Soldier's Day; October 12th: Columbus Day, also known as Hispanic Day; and October 21st: Armed Forces Day. ...

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Plain tobacco packaging in Guatemala

The World Health Organization, better known by its acronym -WHO- negotiated a convention called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC); ratified by 180 countries, included Guatemala. This Convention regulates strategies and measure...

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