García & Bodán

It is notable for providing legal advice in all areas of the Law, guaranteeing fast and comprehensive solutions for the development of their clients’ business and investment.

Our Main Policies

  • Fast response in a maximum of 3 hours during office hours and not more than 24 hours during non-office hours.
  • Observance of conflict of interests at a regional level, not at an individual office level.
  • Answers always well founded in law, making reference to the applicable law or disposition.

Networks and Memberships

We are part of important networks recognized worldwide, composed by prestigious independent law firms, and we are active members of different Chambers and Associations, both national and international.

As part of our efforts to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, García & Bodán has established a subsidiary to complement certain consultancy services provided:

García & Bodán Trust Company

García & Bodán Trust Company focuses on asset management relating to trusts and escrow services. These services are available to local as well as foreign clients, whether individuals or companies.

For more information, visit García & Bodán Trust Company