Regulations of Environmental Processes in Honduras

The conservation of the Environment has always been a topic of interest in every level and the States have the obligation of protecting and conserving it. For Honduras, this obligation is found since the Constitution of the Republic in its article 14...

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Black Friday Substitutes: how not infringe the Intellectual Property

Five years ago started the boom and expansion of the well-known “Black Friday” in Central America. Since that date, hundreds of commercial establishments take a...

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Lack of use of trademarks. What consequences does it bring?

The lack of use of trademarks brings with it diverse consequences for the owner, even if they have the rights and protection of the same; which are acquired through the registration befo...

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Guatemala benefits from the Apostille

One of the most tedious (and common) obligations in the traffic of legal services is the compliance with the rules regarding the legalization of documents from abroad (foreign states). Precisely, The Hague Convention, that abolishes the requirement o...

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