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certification mark

Can a certification mark increase the reputation of a company that promotes respect for the environment?

This year, the World Intellectual Property Organization, in commemoration of World Intellectual Property Day, has promoted innovation for a green future. This campaign, aims to analyze how trademarks, patents for inventions, copyrights, geographical indications, can promote a green economy.

In that sense, a certification mark is one that has the purpose of identifying products and/or services that comply with certain characteristics or quality and have been approved by the owner of the mark. Therefore, meeting certain standards provides the consumer, beyond the own brand of the product and / or service, the certainty and confidence that their acquisition has a certification.

How having a certification mark, such as ISO 14001, which can be summed up as environmental protection, may help my company? Well, in short terms, we can say that consumers today are looking for the manufacturing processes of their products or in the provision of services, to be the least invasive and harmful, both to the environment and to themselves. They seek to minimize pollution, using ecological material, as well as services that are in harmony with nature. We see companies that have found innovative ways to sell their products and provide their services but, above all, we see that adding a certification mark has increased their identity, differentiating them above their competition and above all, adding recognition and economic value to their intangible asset, such as their brand.

Innovative products in Guatemala:

(Source: Prensa Libre, María Longo)

Abdías Ixchajchal Tzul, 21, a young man who created banana leaf dishes to sell chips in Totonicapán, Guatemala.

Elizabeth Flores Barrios
García & Bodán