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Monthly Archives: 30 April, 2020

certification mark

Can a certification mark increase the reputation of a company that promotes respect for the environment?

This year, the World Intellectual Property Organization, in commemoration of World Intellectual Property Day, has promoted innovation for a green future. This campaign, aims to analyze how trademarks, patents for inventions, copyrights, geographical indications, can promote a green economy. In th...

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Distinctive Signs in Ecologically Sustainable Business

This year's focus on World Intellectual Property Day could not be timelier. There is no doubt that the pandemic we are going through, which has had such harsh consequences for the human being, has also meant a respite for the environment, which has suffered so much because of the little awareness we...

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Honduras: Facing the Future

Every year there is a greater quantity of products that are developed worldwide, increasingly serving the needs of consumers. A need that has been observed for the last three decades is the issue of environmental impact. Progressively there are more actions that can be seen in the face of the increa...

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green future

Innovating for a green future through Intellectual Property

Every year on April 26th, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated to encourage creators and inventors, recognizing their original and innovative work, and encouraging them to continue to add value to the intangibles of businesses, enterprises and the economy in general. In this 2...

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Ecological Revolution under the Start-ups and its impact on the Costa Rican reality

On World Intellectual Property Day, the theme of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the year 2020 is "Innovating for a Green Future". In light of this, it is appropriate to mention that ecological issues have become priority needs for society. This subject has come to occupy the...

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