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Distinctive Signs in Ecologically Sustainable Business

This year’s focus on World Intellectual Property Day could not be timelier. There is no doubt that the pandemic we are going through, which has had such harsh consequences for the human being, has also meant a respite for the environment, which has suffered so much because of the little awareness we have of preserving it, under the excuse of seeking more development in the immediate future.

It is important that all this experience allows us to reflect on the need to find solutions that are friendly and sustainable with the ecosystem; and that we cannot continue to live in the same way.

In El Salvador, even though it is a small country territorially and has not been characterized by high inventive development, there are efforts to promote businesses based on environmental sustainability, creating brands that are known for ecological support in the country. Today we want to mention 3 positive examples of brands that maintain this philosophy:

  • The first in the fashion industry, such as “MASSHII[1], a Salvadoran brand that identifies women’s accessories made by women’s hands from recyclable materials or waste, giving them another use by turning them into exclusive designs to combine.
  • Similarly, “AMAR UPCYCLING[2], offers a variety of products created from textile waste, giving them a new life, to avoid creating new materials that lead to the waste of many natural resources.
  • Another interesting example of a distinctive eco-friendly sign, is “FIRE TREE ECO-HOTEL[3], protecting hotel services, with innovative ideas of environmental sustainability, such as: installation of a green roof consisting of natural vegetation on the roof to mitigate the effects of climate change, air purification, energy efficiency and temperature reduction in the area; it also has a solar clothes dryer and reduction of waste such as water bottles.

These are just three small examples of the use of trademarks representing businesses that are recognized for carrying out practices that benefit the environment, which is becoming a trend in El Salvador, in view of the growing effort to raise awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability and because of the new demand and pressure from consumers, who have begun to buy products or acquire a service to a greater extent only if it fits in with their philosophy of ecological protection.

Julio Vargas Solano
Managing Partner
García & Bodán
El Salvador




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