The Public Private Association in Nicaragua: the key for the future development

The Public Private Association, (from now on PPAs) is a renovator element in the growth of the Latin American economies. There are diverse factors that answer to the question: What is the key for the future development in Nicaragua? Nevertheless, wit...

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National and Foreign Investment in Honduras

National and foreign investment in Honduras presents interesting benefits because it is a country with a lot of potential. Even though the economic, political, and the legal and civic security situation of the region hasn’t been the most enviable in ...

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The Creation of Brands

The identification of products and services in commerce, is achieve through the creation of brands by a distinctive sign that prevails in the minds of consumers and that distinguishes you from competitors. In this article will be addressed the basic ...

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Guatemala and Honduras Inaugurate First Customs Union in the American Continent

Past June 26th, 2017 was inaugurated the First Customs Union between Guatemala and Honduras, being considerate the first common customs area in America, where 80% of the bilateral trade will have free transit. This will generate to the commerce an in...

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