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Sanitary Regulation of Consumer Products, Agricultural and Veterinary Use in Honduras

Consumer Products/Human Use

Due to the high demand for services managed before the Health Regulation Agency, the Authority has sought mechanisms that allow for the provision of services in a more efficient manner. Between June 2019 and January 2020, ARSA has implemented tariffs that allow the management of processes with different types of priorities according to the urgency that the registrant may have for certain products. These tariffs apply specifically to cosmetics, hygiene, extending their scope now to food.

Other mechanisms that the Authority has been enabling are special windows. Due to the social distancing ordinance that was implemented on March 17th, ARSA has opened a window for the submission of emergency requests for the import of emergency products related to PCM-005-2020.

In addition, the Health Regulation Agency has set up online counters to submit Temporary Health Permits, Registrations, Renewals and Modifications of cosmetic and hygienic products, proof of exemptions from registration and risk classifications of Medical Devices, modifications of Pharmaceutical-type products in their various categories (Medicines, Biologicals, Biotechnological, Naturals, etc.), applications for authorization of sanitary licenses of vehicles and Authorization for import of Raw Materials and Food Additives, as well as managements for Vaccines, Donations, Permits for Controlled Substances and Authorizations for special Imports of Tissues.

All these windows allow the submission of applications whose management is being worked on by officials of the same entity. So far, the Authority is processing the management, observations, requirements and process; however, the certificates of authorization will remain in the custody of the Authority until normal customer service operations are resumed. To date, the measure of social isolation ordered by the Central Government applies until April 12th, which can be reviewed at any time.

Considering the dynamism that the Health Authority has shown, it has been proposed to the Authority new ways to work the observations and requirements and delivery of certificates that are managed on files so that the effort that the Authority is making to get out of the procedural delay achieves the best effects.

Products for Agricultural and Veterinary use

The National Agri-food Health and Safety Service, for its part, due to the social distancing ordinance that was implemented last March 17, is only attending to phytosanitary and zoo sanitary import requirements through a special window.

In addition, the National Service for Agri-food Health and Safety has a public consultation on the General Regulations for the Authorization of Third Parties, which has been socialized so that comments can be sent by interested parties by Friday 8th May 2020. This Regulation establishes the requirements, procedures and conditions for the authorization of third parties by SENASA, interested in executing one or more activities within the framework of Official Programs under the Control of the National Service of Agri-food Health and Safety, with the aim of optimizing the use of resources and expanding the coverage, capacity and efficiency of the services provided; as well as establishing the procedures for the registration, supervision and control of third parties (natural and legal persons authorized by SENASA).

The National Service for Agri-food Health and Safety (SENASA), provides the following link for any type of consultation:

Graciela Cruz Raudales
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