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García & Bodán announces changes to its organizational structure in Central America

García & Bodán announces significant changes to its organizational structure in the Central American region. Carlos Téllez is leaving the management of the San José, Costa Rica office to become Managing Partner in Guatemala City, Guatemala; Oscar Torres takes on the role of Managing Partner in San Salvador, El Salvador; Terencio García, in addition to leading the firm as Regional Managing Partner, will now also head the office in Managua, Nicaragua until December 2024 with the support of Melvin Estrada, who has been named Deputy Director; and Julio Vargas moves his management to San José, Costa Rica, becoming Managing Partner of that office.

These changes have been designed with the goal of enhancing our offices in Costa Rica and Guatemala. We firmly believe that our locations in San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Managua, San Juan del Sur, and Tola have achieved outstanding leadership in the respective countries where we have a presence, namely El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Our law firm, García & Bodán, in these three countries has a very important presence and undisputed leadership,” highlights Terencio García.

The partners of García & Bodán in Central America have designated leaders to manage operations in different countries for their remarkable capabilities as individuals and professionals:

  • Julio Vargas has been recognized for his unparalleled experience in law firm management and his unmatched drive, combined with a deep sense of responsibility and perseverance, within the bounds of ethics. Under his leadership, he led García & Bodán to become a leading firm in San Salvador.
  • Oscar Torres is considered a benchmark in corporate law in the brother country of El Salvador, recognized for his integrity, outstanding professional and management skills, as well as his continuous commitment to personal and professional growth. Under his leadership, the firm will not only consolidate the achievements made during Julio Vargas’s administration but will also significantly surpass those results.
  • Carlos Téllez has previously demonstrated his capacity to lead an office, having been the director of García & Bodán Tegucigalpa in 2004 where, despite his lesser experience at that time, he managed to position the firm as a firm leader in the Republic of Honduras. His joining is expected to inject new energy into the operation in Guatemala City, promoting faster and more efficient growth.

The reality is that García & Bodán’s practice is a regional practice; we see the region as a unified block and believe that, within this block, homogeneous in culture, idiosyncrasy, and very similar in its legal framework, it is essential to have the best professionals in the firm’s leadership positions, regardless of their nationality,” emphasized Terencio García.

The vision of García & Bodán is to be the leading firm, which it already is, to be a firm with greater leadership, with a greater presence across Central America, and these changes are precisely contributing to that.