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Regulatory Offices

Operation of Regulatory Offices in Guatemala

Despite the State of Calamity in Guatemala, is important to mention that the procedures for health registration of regulated products have continued to be carried out....

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Health Regulation

Measures related to Health Regulation in view of COVID-19 Pandemic in El Salvador

On March 21st, 2020, the sanitary registration procedures for regulated products have continued to be carried out in El Salvador with certain variations, in order to comply with the sanitary measures dictated by our authorities....

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Consumer Products

Sanitary Regulation of Consumer Products, Agricultural and Veterinary Use in Honduras

Due to the high demand for services managed before the Health Regulation Agency, the Authority has sought mechanisms that allow for the provision of services in a more efficient manner....

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Amendments to the Trademark Law and Law on Patents of Invention in Nicaragua

On February 13th were presented to the National Assembly of Nicaragua the amendments to the Law on Trademarks and the Law on Patents....

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Fiscal Relief Law

Import measures following the “Fiscal Relief Law” in Costa Rica

As it is known, one of the main measures that have taken relevance in Costa Rica to face the crisis generated by the situation of the COVID-19 is the implementation of the “Fiscal Relief Law before COVID-19” (Law Number 9830). For specific purposes of the issue of imports, it is importan...

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