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Treasury Bonds

Electronic modernization will benefit investment in Treasury Bonds in Guatemala

The modernization of the Guatemalan economy continues through the implementation of an electronic system that will gradually replace the physical titles of Treasury Bonds. For this, the Public Credit Directorate of the Ministry of Finance has a quota of one thousand forty-nine million quetzals that are available for investment.

This modernization responds to the demands of the stock market and international markets, which day by day implement advances in technology to facilitate the security and management of resources such as Treasury Bonds.

Likewise, officials of the Ministry of Finance have pointed out that it also facilitates transactions and any commercial operation from any place and at any time, speeding up the economic movement.

The physical titles will not be completely eliminated, but their replacement is imminent since the authorities are still evaluating whether the continuation of the physical titles is necessary when the current quota ends.

When current physical securities are liquidated or matured, they no longer recover and this could be precisely the opportunity to convert the entire system into electronic, even though the process may take years due to the term of the Bonds issued through physical securities that are currently in the market.

Advances like this one seek to take measures to improve the conditions of a growing economy like Guatemala’s, promoting its modernization according to the demands of the time and preparing for an uncertain but promising future.

José Rosales Cano
Senior Associate
García & Bodán