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Monthly Archives: 29 June, 2019

boarding docks

Maintenance of boarding docks in Guatemala

The maintenance of the boarding docks in Guatemala is bid, which includes docks 3A, 4, 5A, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 of La Aurora International Airport. The CIMCTIANDA boarding docks (9 units) must be maintained based on the report on the status of the docks, which will be provided during the tech...

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Irrigation systems

International tender: Irrigation systems in Honduras

The design, construction and supervision of several irrigation systems in Honduras, in different areas of the country, is being tendered. The project is aimed at benefiting the poorest farmers located in the main horticultural areas of Olancho, Francisco Morazán, La Paz, and the west of the count...

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electricity networks

Tender for the construction of electricity networks in Nicaragua

The National Electricity Transmission Company of Nicaragua is putting out to tender the construction of distribution networks in rural electrification projects. The work consists of building Primary and Secondary Distribution Networks in 700 communities distributed as follows:


Transit management system in Costa Rica

An intelligent transport system for the technological management of transit in Costa Rica is being tendered, promoted by the Road Safety Council of Costa Rica, with a reference value of USD 39 million. The object of the bid is to contract a physical or legal company, a consortium that provides a ...

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Treasury Bonds

Electronic modernization will benefit investment in Treasury Bonds in Guatemala

The modernization of the Guatemalan economy continues through the implementation of an electronic system that will gradually replace the physical titles of Treasury Bonds. For this, the Public Credit Directorate of the Ministry of Finance has a quota of one thousand forty-nine million quetzals that ...

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