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Investment Project

boarding docks

Maintenance of boarding docks in Guatemala

The maintenance of the boarding docks in Guatemala is bid, which includes docks 3A, 4, 5A, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 of La Aurora International Airport.

The CIMCTIANDA boarding docks (9 units) must be maintained based on the report on the status of the docks, which will be provided during the technical visit. This maintenance will be at the beginning of the contract, which will consist of replacement of anti-collision ultrasonic sensors, surge suppressor modules, bearing greases, elevation system potentiometers, roundabout potentiometers, door plates, contactor series, voltage monitor relay, screens and PLC update.

All springs should be maintained with regard to the lifting system, replacing everything necessary for its optimum operation, including the support bases, adding adhesive substance between the pieces of the column, Corrective maintenance must be made to the electric motors of the rotary extractors of the springs and other elements that merit changes for the good operation of the equipment, it must include paint coating, replacements of sheets, replacement of non-slip carpet of tilting floor, replacement of hoods, and other elements that merit changes for the good operation of the equipment.

Deadline for the submission of bids: August 2nd, 2019

Estimated cost of investment: N/A

José Rosales Cano
Senior Associate
García & Bodán