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Investment Project

Water and sanitation

Water and Sanitation Pilot Program in Guatemala

The objective of this pilot program is to design and implement intervention models to provide drinking water and sanitation services in rural communities of difficult access, with nucleated solutions or individual solutions of self-supply in the municipality of Santa Lucia Utatlán, which allow replication in other parts of the country and facilitate the development, among others, of national public policy guidelines.

Guatemala, with a population of 17.7 million by the end of 2019, has national coverage of drinking water and sanitation services below the Latin American average.

Guatemala’s drinking water service coverage includes 87.32% of the population (95.04% urban and 79.38% rural). Likewise, the continuity of the service -24/7- only covers 61% of the population (65.61% urban and 57.78% rural).

In terms of the quality of the water supplied, only 55.9% of the population has safe drinking water (65.61% urban and 46.11% rural); 38% of the population has basic drinking water (32.31% urban and 44.25% rural); and still almost one million people – mostly located in rural areas – are drinking water from unsafe sources, of which almost a third are drinking directly from surface water.

Deadline for submission of bids: N/A

Estimated cost of investment: USD 800,000.00

Paúl Rodríguez Medina
García & Bodán