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Investment Project

Protection works on the slope of the right abutment of the concrete dam at the 15 de Septiembre Hydroelectric Power Plant in El Salvador

As part of the Development Plan carried out by the Government of El Salvador, improvements are planned for the 15 de Septiembre Hydroelectric Power Plant. The plant is located 90 kilometers east of San Salvador, on the Lempa River, in the San Lorenzo canton, department of San Vicente; and Condadillo canton, Estanzuelas, department of Usulután.

This plant is the largest capacity of the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL, for its acronym in spanish). The reservoir basin has a surface area of 348.48 km², and is located in the Lempa River basin, within the Sub-Tropical Humid Forest Life Zone, with a water mirror of 35.5 km².  It has two units with power of 90.0 MW.

The plant consists of a 57.2-meter-high rock-fill dam, an 8-gate concrete spillway, an integral intake, and a shallow powerhouse.

For this project, the contractor will provide technical direction, labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation; fabricate, load and unload materials, assemble and complete slope protection works adjacent to the right abutment of the dam.

The main purpose is to maintain stability, reduce erosion and possible rock fall, guaranteeing proper operation and a better electric power generation service for the country.

Deadline for receipt of bids: May 27, 2022, by 09:00 a.m.

Oscar Torres
García & Bodán
El Salvador