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Nicaragua now has an oxygen production plant

As part of the country’s strategy to produce medical oxygen to guarantee the health and safety of Nicaraguans, the Government of Nicaragua, through the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS), has completed the construction, equipping and start-up of the “Kevin Coffin Reyes” Gaseous Oxygen Plant. The total construction area of the plant is 2,300 square meters, including production facilities, warehouses, and administrative offices.

The plant has two PSA (pressure swing adsorption) medical oxygen concentrators with a capacity of 6,500 cubic feet per minute and can fill 970 T220 cylinders (220 cubic feet) per day. This means that 25,000 cylinders will be filled each month, which is estimated to be equivalent to 25% of the national consumption.

The plant also has a tank for 3,000 T220 cylinders and complies with all safety requirements established by the Unified Fire Department and the Ministry of Health. In addition, two generators have been installed to guarantee the plant’s autonomy in case of emergency. The current product has been delivered to INSS hospitals.

The national strategy for the production of medical oxygen also includes the installation of oxygen generators at the Vélez Paiz Hospital, Mauricio Abdalah Hospital in Chinandega, Lenin Fonseca Hospital, A. Dávila Bolaños Military Hospital and INSS Hospital in Masaya, Granada, and León. The new hospitals under construction are also considering the installation of gaseous oxygen generators to guarantee their operational autonomy.


Ma. Alejandra Baldizón
Senior Associate
García & Bodán