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Investment Project

Electrical Works in Nicaragua

International Tender: Electrical Works in Nicaragua

Empresa Nacional de Transmisión Eléctrica bids electrical works in Nicaragua with the construction of networks and installation of primary distribution networks in different regions of the country.

“The contract consists of the construction of Primary and Secondary Distribution Networks in 72 energy areas with 1,230 projects; distributed in the Managua Sector with 43 projects, Western Sector with 16 projects, Southern Sector with 10 projects, Northern Sector with 3 projects, grouped in six (6) lots respectively.

The works will be carried out applying the Construction Manual PRES V2, Standard Project Type Standard ENEL 1998 in Medium and Low Networks for 7.6/13.2 kV and 14.4/24.9 kV and Installation of the Second and/or Third Generation Bi- Body Measurement with AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) technology.

These projects consist of the construction of Efficient and Sustainable Medium and Low Voltage Networks, with installation of transformers, bi-body meters and connections in 72 energy areas distributed in 65 municipalities in the sectors of Managua, West, South and North”.

Estimated cost of investment: N/A

Deadline for submission of bids: May 9th, 2019.

Federico A. Gurdián Sacasa
Managing Partner
García & Bodán