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Imports of foreign veterinary supplies in Nicaragua

The manufacturers of veterinary supplies that have interest in importing and merchandising their products to Nicaragua must comply with the registration procedure as foreign manufacturers before the Institute of Agricultural Protection and Health (IPSA, by its acronyms in Spanish) and subsequently make the registration of the products to be imported.

It is really important, to start the procedures, to have a local legal representative and local professional in charge, who must be duly authorized through special faculties granted by the manufacturer to make procedures in the country, who will be inscribed before the institution and who before a possible future change, must be available to renounce, since it is a requirement for the appointment of new ones.

Regarding the documentation, among others, it must be demonstrated the authorization to operate in the country of origin, legal existence and certification of Good Manufacturing Practices. This last document is really important as a requirement, since without it, the procedures can’t be started. There are countries, for example Colombia, that doesn’t have among their requirements for the operation of factories, to have a Manual or Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices, and to comply with local requirement for the inscription it can be remedied with a Certification of Good Practices of a Private Certification Company or, with a Record issued by the regulatory entity, where it notifies that the company complies with the local requirements and that is also authorized and is verified by the authority.

Another important topic to take into account is the use of electronic signatures in the Apostille of documents. The Legal Department of the Institute of Agricultural Protection and Health (IPSA) requires the validation of the electronic signature on the part of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

Mayra Navarrete Crovetto
Senior Associate
García & Bodán