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power generators in Honduras

Good news for power generators in Honduras

Recently the Board of Directors of the National Company of Electric Power (ENEE, by its acronyms in Spanish), authorized a loan agreement for the total of 6,500 million of Lempiras that will serve to comply with the obligations contracted with the generators of renewable and thermal energy.

The loan will be granted by a local bank and the disbursement will be made once is obtained the endorsement of the State Secretariat in the Finances Dispatches.

The payment of the obligations contracted by the National Company of Electric Power will serve the generators to update their banking commitments with local and foreign financing entities, considering that the delay in the payments exceeds six months.

With the previous news, the investors dedicated to this area will have at least a respite and have more confidence in that the payment obligations will always be honored by ENEE.

The projects of renewable energy generation have been financed mainly with resources coming from national and multilateral banking, as the Inter-American Bank of Development (BID) and de Central American Bank of Economic Integration (BECIE), among others.

The State of Honduras, through ENEE, with the payment of the acquired commitments, sends a clear message to all the investors interested in starting operations in Honduras, that their investments will be guaranteed by the endorsement of State and that will always be covered, whether through payment for securing loans or placement of sovereign bonds in the international market.

Ricardo Duarte Jiménez
García & Bodán