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Managing Partner in Nicaragua

García & Bodán’s Corporate Director is appointed Managing Partner in Nicaragua

García & Bodán has appointed a new Managing Partner in Nicaragua. Federico Gurdián, who also serves as Director of the firm’s Corporate and Transactional practice region-wide, was elected as the new Managing Partner of the Managua office.

Federico, who has been with the firm from its very beginning, specializes in Corporate Law, in addition to having expertise in Real Estate, Tax and Trusts, among others.

“Federico not only meets the firm’s expectations, but he far exceeds them. He is an extremely responsible, creative and intelligent person who knows how to anticipate situations and who knows how to foresee the future of things, which gives us a great advantage over situations that may present for the firm in coming years. He is a very committed person, with an enormous sense of loyalty to the firm, but the most important thing is that he is a person with the ability of making the difficult easy, as well as a great ability to analyze a problem in depth and be able to approach it in a simple way”, said Terencio García, Regional Managing Partner.

For his part, the new Managing Partner commented: “My appointment to the position of Managing Partner of our office in Managua, which is the first and largest of the firm’s offices, fills me with great pride and I receive it with sincere joy and humility. This new position, considering the situation the country is going through at the moment, carries and represents a great challenge. It requires a meticulous and constant work; seeking how to enrich our talent base and increase our capacity to always participate in the most important legal transactions in the country; all while supporting the other operations we have in the rest of Central America.”

Federico hopes to meet and exceed expectations, guiding the main operation in Nicaragua, where the firm has recently been recognized as Firm of the Year by the most prestigious directory of law firms (Chambers & Partners), towards greater success, in times we know will be difficult. “Needless to say, for García & Bodán it is of utmost importance to maintain the indisputable leadership that has been recognized recently in Honduras and Nicaragua. Consequently, it will be a constant challenge and will require an enormous commitment -both mine as of the rest of our team- in order to maintain that leadership of the firm in Nicaragua”, said Gurdián.

“Given the socio-political situation of the country, it will be more important than ever to transmit our values and working culture to all our team, both legal and administrative. Only that reiterated commitment -based on ethics and values- will result in being able to provide legal services of the highest quality, which is the only way we will be able to grow and carry the firm through these difficult times in Nicaragua. We are very proud that in the few years of operation of our firm (compared to our main competitors), we have been listed among the best in Central America. I can only express to our clients and friends our deepest gratitude for the trust they have placed in us”, he concluded.

The appointment of Federico Gurdián follows García & Bodán’s interest in handling itself more and more like large firms in developed countries, where the position of Managing Partner is subject to rotation; always making sure that the Partner who occupies the position has the necessary characteristics to ensure the well-being of the firm.