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Tola, Rivas

García & Bodán expands its operations to Tola, Rivas

García & Bodán has as a goal the constant growth of the firm, to position themselves as leaders in the region. Part of their growth strategy is to expand its practice to emerging markets.

The country’s drive to promote investment in Tourism and the constant increase of the real estate market in the zone, has made the opening of an office in Tola, Rivas a logical step towards the growth of the firm.

Currently, there is a niche in the real estate market in the zone of Tola, in the so-called Costa Esmeralda, which is evolving and in constant movement. It is very similar to what happened in San Juan del Sur at mid-decade of the year 2000, when they bet on taking the service directly to the point, and the results of that decision has allowed them to lead the real estate practice in the country.

Because of the geographic proximity and the similarity in the practice, the office of San Juan del Sur has been able to expand its operation to this area, where they already count with clients such as Rancho Santana and Aqua Wellness Resort and Spa, as well as important relations with the most important real estate agents in the zone.

The new office will be led by Eduardo Cabrales, Managing Partner of García & Bodán San Juan del Sur, who will be supervising both offices. It will also count with the support of Associate Francisco Lezama , who will handle the day-by-day of the office, while the legal assistance for formalities in public offices will be made through the staff of the office of San Juan del Sur, since everything takes place in the city of Rivas. Depending on the growth, they will be adding the lawyers that the practice requires.

Besides setting their sight in the Real Estate market, they expect to have an important migratory practice because of the influx of foreign investors in the country, as well as corporate advice for the people who want to do business in the zone.

García & Bodán expects to repeat the success of San Juan del Sur in Tola, always promoting the values and the quality of service that identifies them.

“With the opening of the office in Tola, García & Bodán comes to strength its presence in the region, now counting with 7 offices in Central America; and we don’t plan to stop, we will get to Costa Rica when we have a more consolidated operation”, said Terencio García, Regional Managing Partner of the firm