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Monthly Archives: 4 March, 2019

largest viaducts

Construction of one of the largest viaducts in Guatemala

The Municipality of the capital city of Guatemala has communicated in an official way the creation of one of the largest viaducts in the city, in which consist the construction of an investment of twenty five million quetzals (Q. 25,000,000) in one of the busiest roads in the country with an approxi...

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Construction begins of Bosphorus III in the central zone of El Salvador

Bosphorus is a project that arises from the alliance between AES El Salvador and the Multi-Investment Corporation (CMI), which consists of the generation of 100 megawatts of energy with a photovoltaic solar source that will reduce emissions by more than one hundred and seventy-five thousand metric t...

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MSMEs of Honduras

MSMEs of Honduras are exonerated of tax payments

The government of Honduras in recent months has issued the "Law to Support Micro and Small Enterprises", which has as its main benefit the exemption of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) that apply the payment of Income Tax, Net Asset Tax and Temporary Solidarity Contribution, Advances of o...

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Social Security System in Nicaragua

Legal-Economic Reforms to the Social Security System in Nicaragua

On Friday, February 1, two thousand nineteen, Presidential Decree Number Six indent Two thousand nineteen (06-2019) was issued, called "Decree of Reforms to Decree Number 975, General Regulations of the Social Security Law", approved by the Directing Council of the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Sec...

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railway in Guatemala

Legislative initiative opens the door for the construction of a railway in Guatemala

The Ministry of Economy presented on February 13 of this year in the Congress of the Republic a bill that opens the doors to the construction of a railway in Guatemala, which would be built in the metropolitan area to solve, in part, traffic congestion and problems of collective transport. The pr...

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