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Construction begins of Bosphorus III in the central zone of El Salvador

Bosphorus is a project that arises from the alliance between AES El Salvador and the Multi-Investment Corporation (CMI), which consists of the generation of 100 megawatts of energy with a photovoltaic solar source that will reduce emissions by more than one hundred and seventy-five thousand metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This project has an investment of USD 160 million and its financing has been given by Multilateral Banks whose objective and commitment is to support private projects focused on sustainable development.

The Bosphorus project is distributed in three stages, each focusing on the construction of solar plants in the geographical areas of El Salvador (Western, Central and Eastern) that are estimated to have a useful life of thirty-five years. Bosphorus III will begin construction in March in the country’s central zone and will have the capacity to generate 30 megawatts of solar energy and is expected to be completed by September.

This project is one of the largest in solar power generation, which in turn adds a high investment in the energy sector of El Salvador that will provide much of the country’s energy supply with a renewable resource that entails a very low requirement in maintenance of solar plants, where the panels can also be recycled in the future.

The impact of this project, with its first phase alone, benefits more than one hundred thousand homes directly with green or renewable energy. The project in general will help El Salvador and its population to reduce the environmental footprint by reducing CO2 throughout the territory, estimating a reduction of 70% for the two thousand thirty.

Julio Vargas Solano
Managing Partner
García & Bodán
El Salvador