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largest viaducts

Construction of one of the largest viaducts in Guatemala

The Municipality of the capital city of Guatemala has communicated in an official way the creation of one of the largest viaducts in the city, in which consist the construction of an investment of twenty five million quetzals (Q. 25,000,000) in one of the busiest roads in the country with an approximate circulation of a hundred and thirty two thousand vehicles per day. The construction will take place on La Paz roadway, which will release traffic in zones 18, 17, 16, 5 and indirectly in zones 24 and 25. The construction will begin in March and is expected to be completed by the end of August this year.

Traffic in the capital city has been one of the factors that has been negatively influencing the economic development of the country, where the average speed in Guatemala City has fallen seventeen kilometers per hour. This type of urban planning will try to solve and help a large part of the population of the areas mentioned.

The mayor of the capital, Ricardo Quiñonez, said: “With this viaduct will eliminate traffic lights and take advantage of the topography of the sector, in the first phase of March and April there will be no impact on the movement of vehicles, in the second stage, May and June, there will be movements that will affect traffic, not in a major way, but there will be some drawbacks”.

With the previous project, a greater mobilization is expected in the whole sector including the route to the Atlantic for a greater economic development of the country, thus creating highways that will make the industrial sector that comes from the Atlantic to the capital of the country have greater growth and greater circulation within the capital city.

José Rosales Cano
Senior Associate
García & Bodán