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Investment Project

Road paving towards Municipal Capitals in Honduras

Consultants are invited to present a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal to provide the consulting services requires for the paving of the roads that leads to the Municipal Capitals in Honduras.

The proposal will constitute the basis for the contract negotiations and, ultimately, for the subscription of a contract with the selected Consultant. The Consultants must be familiarized with the local conditions and to take it into account in the preparation of their Proposals. To obtain direct information about the work and local conditions, it is recommended that the Consultants visit INVEST-H/MCA-H before presenting a Proposal.

The Directorate of Road Conservation of INVEST-H/MCA-H will provide to the Consultant the necessary assistance to acquire the existent information related with the project, including studies, informs, censuses, registries, maps, photographs, aerial photographs and any other available documentation and the relevant help to obtain any information in other public or private offices. The Consultant must be provided of all the services, equipment, installations and necessary goods to carry out their obligations, mainly the concerning, among others.

Estimated cost of investment: N/A

Deadline for the submission of bids: November 22nd, 2018

Ricardo Duarte Jiménez
García & Bodán