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Promotion for domestic tourism in Guatemala

The Congress of Guatemala approved the Decree 19 -2018 that reforms the Decree 42-2010 of the Republic’s Congress called “Law that Promotes Domestic Tourism”. The aforementioned, with the objective of promoting the domestic tourism for being an important part in economic and social matter, for which with said reform and this type of laws is seeking the support that allows to raise the offer and participation of the national tourist.

The Reform is made to the Article 2 of said Decree, establishing the following:

“With the objective of promoting the domestic tourism, when the day of rest coincides in Tuesday or Wednesday, it will be enjoyed the immediate previous Monday; if it was on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it will be enjoyed the immediate following Monday.

As a consequence, the present Law will be applied for the following holidays: first of May, thirtieth of June, twentieth of October and in all case, the holidays established in other laws.

It is excluded from the application of the present Law, the days: first of January, midday of Holy Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, tenth of May, fifteenth of September, first of November, midday of twenty-fourth of December, twenty-fifth of December, midday of the thirty-first of December and the day of the local festivity.”

With this kind of Laws, the State of Guatemala seeks the local investment within the different touristic places that Guatemala possesses, trying to support the local commerce and promote that the Guatemalan take advantage of the holidays established in the law so they can get to know and enjoy the touristic attractions in Guatemala.

José Rosales Cano
García & Bodán