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Tourism in El Salvador

Projects of tourist investment, a strategic bet in El Salvador

The development of sustainable tourism, through the use of natural, historical and/or cultural resources, among others, marks one of the most important foundations for economic, social and environmental development, creating not only greater employment opportunities, of national and foreign investment, but also demonstrating the individual and local growth, as a promise to future generations of countries, among which El Salvador is no exception.

In recent years, tourism in El Salvador has grown by a considerable amount, positioning itself as a consolidated destination, with a marked recognition at a national and international level that guarantees investment, among other factors due to road infrastructure, the modernization of the international airport, which are complemented by the benefits of its beaches, forests and the successful project “Living Villages”, factors to which the institutions in charge bet for their development. The tourist offer allows visitors who arrive each year, to know cities in the interior of the country that have a great cultural richness, as well as enjoy the growing gastronomic, hotel and night entertainment, as part of the development of micro, small productive initiatives and medium-sized companies, which diversify the local economy, promote local development, and in general, contribute to the quality of life of Salvadorans.

As a way of citing a couple of examples of successful projects, the Ministry of Tourism has declared as ”Projects of National Tourist Interest” the projects of Hotel Puro Surf, with a special focus for surfers, located on El Zonte Beach, La Libertad, one of the most visited beaches; and Cervecera Nacional Cadejo Brewing Company, known for the national beer of the same brand, so these investments are only a sample of the benefits that the State can obtain by promoting tourism, because of its interest and recreational, cultural, historical, natural or ecological context, which is attracting potential investors to projects that will be visible during this year.   According to statistics declared by the Minister of Tourism, Mr. José Napoleón Duarte Durán, and published on the website of the Ministry of Tourism, 2,535,661 people visited the country, generating during the year-end period more than $76.40 million dollars. Thus, it is estimated that 2,692,872 people will visit El Salvador in 2019, generating revenues of more than $1,659.53 million dollars, confirming the existence of good investment opportunities in this area.

Julio Vargas Solano
Managing Partner
García & Bodán
El Salvador