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Monthly Archives: 30 January, 2019

Guatemalan economy

Efforts to approve Laws seek to reactivate the Guatemalan economy

Currently, there is a series of Initiatives of Law in the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala whose approval is expected to reactivate the economic dynamics of the country. With the support of the Ministry of the Economy, the Presidential Commission for Competitiveness and Investment and the priva...

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Tourism in El Salvador

Projects of tourist investment, a strategic bet in El Salvador

The development of sustainable tourism, through the use of natural, historical and/or cultural resources, among others, marks one of the most important foundations for economic, social and environmental development, creating not only greater employment opportunities, of national and foreign investme...

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entrepreneurship in Nicaragua

The challenge of entrepreneurship in Nicaragua

The enterprises are an abundant source of jobs and production for the country. It is known that most of the companies in Nicaragua are family businesses and that they are currently the main creator of new jobs. The World Bank establishes three arguments in benefits of the enterprises:

Franja Transversal del Norte

Supervision of road project Franja Transversal del Norte in Guatemala

It is being tender the services of technical, administrative and environmental supervision of the road project called Franja Transversal del Norte in Guatemala. The project consists in the supervision of the described works presented by the Company that was awarded with the construction, followin...

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Family Health La Canoa

Construction of Community Unit of Family Health La Canoa in El Salvador

The project of Construction of Community Unit of Family Health La Canoa consists in providing a health facility that has all the services and security to provide health care services to the population demanding these services, ensuring the physical and appropriate conditions for the development of a...

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