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Presentation of Public Shows in Honduras

Entertaining people through public shows has existed for many generations and it is well known that international artists manage to have massive audiences with the help of commercial producers, as well as a result of the great interest of the public to attend events of such magnitude.

In the case of the national and independent artists, it can be said that they face certain situations such as: lack of projection before the public, lack of support from agents specialized in financial and legal aspects, and that the majority have a lack of knowledge in the matter or in the regulation of these public shows.

Within the repertoire of public spectacles of national artists we find theatrical performances, acrobatics, dances and concerts that entail the diffusion of the culture, this being, one of the missions or one of the main objectives of the organizations and cultural centers of the country.

These organizations and centers are the result of the voluntary initiative of citizens interested in the national cultural development and also of disseminating the artistic heritage, for which in their activity, they have become accessible platforms, setting in motion an increase in the creation of events that make of public knowledge the existence of these artists.

Regarding the regulation of this type of shows, it is worth mentioning that the Law of Public Spectacles, Audiovisual and Printed Materials was created, which was regulated by Executive Decree No. 26937 of April 27, 1999; as well as with the City Council Taxation Plan for the year 2018, and also that the Mayor’s Office has provided a series of mandatory steps to follow.

Graciela Cruz Raudales
Senior Associate
García & Bodán