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Morazánica Week

Morazánica Week in Honduras

During the month of October, Honduras celebrated three important commemorative dates: October 3rd: Honduran Soldier’s Day; October 12th: Columbus Day, also known as Hispanic Day; and October 21st: Armed Forces Day.

These holidays were unified by initiative of the National Congress (NC) through legislative decree No. 78-2014 of 2014, becoming what is now known as the Morazánica Week, in homage to the remembered national hero, General Francisco Morazán.

Among the objectives of the Morazánica Week is to promote domestic tourism, and this year for the public sector the holiday began on September 30th, while for private enterprise, the rest was given from noon on Wednesday 2nd, ending on Saturday October 5th.

According to the president of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (CANATURH), the Morazánica Week has estimated profits of around 2 million lempiras, generating more than 20 thousand jobs.

With a mobilization projection of almost 1.3 million people, tourism operators mention among the most interesting destinations, on one hand: the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast, specifically that ones of the Bay Islands (Roatan, Guanaja and Utila), Tela, Cayos Cochinos, Ceiba and Trujillo.

On the other hand, there is the Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa in the Department of Cortés, and the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve in La Mosquitia, which is the enormous natural reserve declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

And finally the western zone, which includes the Copan Ruins, where begins the route that extends to the eastern zone in the department of El Paraíso, in which fans of products such as: coffee, tobacco, cocoa and corn, can undertake a journey through the places of production and marketing with the opportunity to taste 100% Honduran production.

Morazánica Week is therefore of great importance for both economic and cultural development, thus becoming one of the channels that allows Hondurans to publicize their work, increase their production and attract people from all countries of the world so that they can benefit from the natural wealth that Honduras offers.

J. Vanessa Oquelí de Riera
Managing Partner
García & Bodán