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Monthly Archives: 1 November, 2019

La Libertad Bypass

Construction of La Libertad Bypass in El Salvador

The construction of the La Libertad bypass includes the extension of the Ca04s road, Section III, between km 31.86 (Ca04s road) and km 35 (Ca02w road), in the Department of La Libertad, El Salvador. The project consists of the opening of a Bypass in the City of La Libertad, whose section consists...

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Solar Park

Acquisition of Solar Park in Honduras

The government of the Republic of Honduras has received a loan from the International Development Association (IDA) to finance the cost of the Disaster Risk Management Project and intends to use part of the funds to make the payments contemplated in the Solar Park Acquisition Contract in the offices...

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Works in collectors in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers bids the construction and improvements of collectors and subcollectors in different basins of the province of San José. The works include:

  1. Expansion, replacement and repair of sanitary sewerage infrastructure in collectors and subcoll...

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Economic Development Plan

El Salvador presents Economic Development Plan

In mid-October, an important meeting was held between senior officials of the Salvadoran government and the U.S. Treasury Secretariat at the U.S. government house in Washington, D.C., where an economic development plan for the Central American country was presented. The Ministers of Finance of Me...

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Morazánica Week

Morazánica Week in Honduras

During the month of October, Honduras celebrated three important commemorative dates: October 3rd: Honduran Soldier's Day; October 12th: Columbus Day, also known as Hispanic Day; and October 21st: Armed Forces Day. These holidays were unified by initiative of the ...

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