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Hiring of Pilotage Services in Guatemala

The National Port Company Santo Tomás de Castilla -EMPORNAC- summons individuals or legal entities, national or foreign, that have the technical and financial capacity to provide Pilotage Services in the National Port Santo Tomás de Castilla, located in the municipality of Puerto Barrios, department of Izabal.

Pilotage is an intrinsically safe service that shares the objectives of the maritime and port authorities and that from this perspective must be instituted as a quality service, distinguishing itself as an essential element of the safety chain in the maritime-port area, which must project an image of professionalism.  Therefore, the pilot pilots in coordination with the competent authorities, are the first link in the chain of safety in navigation, maritime protection and marine environment in the port area, which provide, among others, an advisory service on board the ship to the masters so that the maneuvers of entry, exit and internal movement in the port, can be performed under conditions of efficiency and maritime safety.

The services you should include are:

  • Docking of ships
  • Sailing of ships
  • Internal movement of vessels (change of berth and/or band)
  • Anchoring ships in the inner bay
  • Anchoring ships in the outer bay
  • With the company’s authorization, emergency and natural disaster cases must be attended to in support of the various government or private entities.

Deadline for the submission of bids: October 12, 2020.

Estimated cost of investment: N/A

Paul Rodríguez Medina
García & Bodán