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trámites de patente para tratamiento de Tripanosomiasis Americana

García & Bodán successfully completes patent proceedings for treatment of American Trypanosomiasis

The Ministry of Education of El Salvador, through the Vice-Ministry of Science and Technology and its National Center for Scientific Research of El Salvador (CICES), leads several research and development projects. One of the projects resulted in the synthesis of an effective therapeutic chemical agent for the treatment of American Trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease).

García & Bodán, through its Managing Partner in El Salvador Julio Vargas, advised the Ministry in the processing of national phase patent applications for the chemical agent in Japan, United States and Brazil, where the patents in the United States and Japan have already been granted. This is the first time in history that the Salvadoran government has obtained the registration of international patents.

The legal advice provided by the firm included the preparation of documentation for filing national phase applications in the involved jurisdictions, coordination with the correspondents of each of the steps of the process, including advice at the substantive examination stage to resolve the observations made by the patent offices of these countries. Likewise, work was done on the preparation of the technical responses to these observations, in coordination with the inventors of the patent, until the granting of the invention was achieved.

García & Bodán worked in coordination with the local firm Atsumi Sakai for the patent application in Japan and with the local firm Ladas & Parry for the patent in the United States. For its part, the firm is waiting for the approval of the patent in Brazil.

Julio Vargas Solano
Managing Partner
García & Bodán
El Salvador