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Guatemala and Honduras

García & Bodán incorporates new lawyers in Guatemala and Honduras

García & Bodán has recently hired two attorneys who will come to strengthen the Real Estate practice in their offices in Guatemala and Honduras.

Rodrigo Coronado and Hilsy Villalobos are the new members of the regional law firm, who are joining as Senior Associates. Both have a strong profile that strengthens García & Bodán’s team in their respective countries.

“The incorporation of Rodrigo Coronado is an important addition to García & Bodán Guatemala’s team. He is a person who for the last 14 years has not only done corporate work; but also, has done all types of real estate projects, including horizontal property. This helps us to have a more diverse and consolidated real estate offer in Guatemala. Their presence helps us to project the office for what it is, a serious, robust, solid office with the ability to provide complete and comprehensive advice”, said Terencio García, Regional Managing Partner of the law firm.

“Hilsy is also an important addition and fortunately also in the real estate practice. We know that Honduras has potential places to be exploited in this area of practice; and we are convinced that with Hilsy within the team the firm becomes in what should be a leading firm in this particular practice”, concluded García.

For their part, the lawyers expressed their satisfaction at being part of what they consider one of the best law firms in the region: “Choosing García & Bodán was not difficult, it was enough to see the trajectory that highlights the law firm from the others, coupled with this the warmth, honesty and enthusiasm of the people who are part of this great team that we call Family. García & Bodán cares about its clients and in offering them the best possible service, a principle we both share”, said the law firm’s Senior Associate in Honduras.

Coronado added: “It is a law firm with a reputation in the region, and I find a great opportunity to turn the Guatemala office into one of the largest in the country, always in the most orderly and efficient manner; in which all workers feel at home, and all are highly engaged in achieving the goals set, as if they were their own”.

The incorporation of Coronado and Villalobos further consolidates the law firm’s presence at regional level and reinforces a practice are in which the law firm has a great deal of experience in its neighboring countries.