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descuentos de final de temporada en Centroamérica

End of Seasson, a successful commercial strategy

In a world of constant offers, promos, need satisfying and the generation of them, the commerce should reach for intelligent alternatives that enable the constant recuperation of the relationship with the costumers. The world markets and their strategies have turned a lot more intense and should adjust to more dynamic tactics, without losing during the incorporation process the image the company has created. In consequence of this dilemma, one of the most tempting and attractive market maneuvers have been developed for the costumers and commerce, the end of season discounts.

The incorporation of used worldwide tendencies in order to reach the best product commercialization has allowed the dilution of some of the benefits and market knowledge with most experience in whole sale subjects. During the decades of 60´s and 70´s the american market started creating the concept of one of the most recognized end season sales, named Black Friday, giving a fascinating direction to the original concept of discounts in a store. The Black Friday or Discount Friday how its known in the commerce use, it is the day in which Christmas shopping starts in the United States, which starts immediately after the festivity and shopping for the Thanksgiving celebration. This practice has been spread globally and has started reaching fame in Latin-American countries at the beginning of this decade.

Although it is neither a celebration nor a festivity, it is the day in which a lot of businesses ensure the best prices and promos in order to sell their own products, mostly all the products with a higher level of obsolescence. It is known that some of the companies that use the fame acquired around this whole sale increase the price at the end of the previous weeks from the big discounts day in order to decrease them the promoted day, causing a fake discount and thereby leading to a commercial mislead that are prosecuted by the different entities that guarantee the consumers protection.

In the Central American market there’s a particularity around the application of the commercial indication “Black Friday”, because it was given as a service trademark for a group of companies, the ones that today enjoy of the exclusivity of the denomination, without the exclusivity implication over the commercial practice or the use of the denomination that contains specific reference for such market experience. It is important to emphasize that the market tendencies are a base in order to develop more competitive and creative commercial relationships, there are not defined parameters nor exact formulas for success, and because of that it is important to plan the business strategies, seek for advices and protect all the ideas that break the parameters.

Graciela Cruz Raudales
Asociado Senior
García & Bodán