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Construction of the Pacific harbour terminal in Costa Rica

The Petroleum Refining Company of Costa Rica is financing part of its new project, the “Construction of the Pacific Harbour Terminal”, which purpose is to receive ships and store them at the Barranca and Carrizal Terminals in Puntarenas.

Most of the project will be financed through a bank loan. Its purpose is to have another hydrocarbon supply point in case the only existing plant suffers an unexpected collapse. With the construction of this refinery, 30% of the imports would pass to this new terminal and 70% will remain in the Caribbean.

The construction work shall be developed under the Engineering, Care and Construction modality, which consists of:

  • The development of the engineering, which includes basic complementary studies, preliminary design (design and preparation of plans), technical specifications, lists of description and quantification of materials for the entire project, care of materials and equipment, fabrication, installation, construction, and assembly of the entire work.
  • Test and commission systems and subsystems, final performance tests, to check the effectiveness of the project.

Estimated cost of investment: USD 234,000,000.00.

Deadline for the submission of the bids: July 9th, 2021.

Carlos Gómez Fonseca
García & Bodán
Costa Rica