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International Cargo Airport

Construction of International Cargo Airport in Guatemala

Guatemala is in the final stage of design of the International Cargo Airport, which will be located in the Department of Escuintla. This will consist of three phases of construction, the first is expected to be at the end of the year or beginning of next and thus bring the cargo that currently goes to La Aurora International Airport to enable this place passenger terminal, hangars and taxiways or taxiways where they can be the aircraft.

The boom in this zone will be of great development since this one will count with Free Zone which gives possibility of installing maquilas in such a way that the resulting product leaves in direct airplanes. Another advantage of the construction of the International Cargo Airport is that the airplanes will be landing at sea level and not like it is made at the present time that is to 5,000 feet of height. The result is a better performance in the airplanes. This will be the first specialized airport from Toluca, Mexico to Colombia.

The characteristics will be as follows:

  • 160-meter runway so that cargo planes like the Boeing 767 can land
  • Renovated terminal where the offices of the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT) will be located
  • Air-conditioned passenger terminal
  • Aviation School Hangars
  • Six-level control tower
  • Approach tickets
  • Streets for firefighter access
  • Water treatment plant
  • Parking area

The Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, indicated that the contraction of this will allow the expansion of the services that Guatemala provides to commerce, but it will also be an important point for tourism, since all the cruise ships that arrive to Puerto Quetzal will no longer have to travel to the capital to take internal flights, but will be able to do so from the Port of San José.

Paul Rodríguez Medina
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*This article was written with the support of Marvin Cantoral, Law Clerk.