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Monthly Archives: 8 July, 2020


Guatemala seeks to attract tourism to overcome the crisis

The Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT), with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINEX), conducts virtual seminars to publicize the tourist sites of Guatemala and demonstrate the advantages of visiting and investing in the country, this as a policy to overcome the crisis caused by the...

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Economic Reactivation

Duplication of Economic Reactivation Plans launched in El Salvador

On May 30, 2020, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved the "Special Transitory Law for Comprehensive Health and Life Care, Emergency Declaration in Relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Reopening of the Economy", which was later vetoed by the President of the Republic. Likewise, in a ...

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Fiscal Measures

Honduras expands Fiscal Measures

Since March, the State of Honduras has adopted fiscal measures aimed at supporting the country’s economic sector and thus support, above all, the small and medium enterprises from the catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, due to the closure of all sectors of the economy, with some exception...

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The Creation of the Costa Rica Artisan Seal

The indigenous sector of Costa Rica does not currently escape from a difficult practical duality that faces this population throughout the region, a constant crisis along the years: they are the real founding fathers of our culture; however, is a sector that has been vilely marginalized throughout t...

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2020 Latin America Corruption Survey

Despite Latin America's anti-corruption progress over the last decade, including blockbuster investigations, high-powered politicians and business leaders behind bars, and improved laws in key jurisdictions, new survey data reveals corruption risk to be at an all-time high across the region. The ...

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