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Investment Project

Drainage construction tendered in Costa Rica

The design and construction of the major drainage structure on the Guacimal River, National Route No. 606, is being tendered in Costa Rica.

The contractor must compare between 2 constructive alternatives of continuous superstructure; that is, in steel or in reinforced/pre-strengthened concrete, in order to determine between them the optimal one, considering both the technical criterion and from the point of view of the final cost of the structure and to use the most convenient one (considering in a qualitative way the cost of maintenance).

  1. Main elements made of steel profiles, acting in a composite section with the slab or slab cast on site.
  2. Main elements made of pre-stressed concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 350 (three hundred and fifty) kg/cm2 or higher, considering pre-stressed prefabricated elements, such as T-beams, double T-beams, post-tensioned concrete beams, gutters, slabs or other types, acting in a composite section with the slab or slab cast on site, in the corresponding cases”.

Estimated cost of investment: N/A

Deadline for the submission of bids: December 7, 2020

Carlos Gómez Fonseca
García & Bodán
Costa Rica