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Monthly Archives: 3 January, 2020

Intellectual Property Registry

Payment tools by the Intellectual Property Registry in Guatemala

The Intellectual Property Registry is the administrative authority in charge of promoting, stimulating and providing protection to intellectual creations, the latter through a registration procedure established in the Industrial Property Law and its respective rules of procedure. The procedure fo...

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Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce Law in El Salvador

For several months, the discussion of the Electronic Commerce Law draft took place and was approved at the beginning of last November. This represents an important step for our country, which was one of the few at the international level that did not have this legal instrument, necessary to regulate...

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Green Marketing

Green Marketing in Honduras

There is a growing tendency to the number of countries that join the incorporation of strict regulations for the reduction of polluting and waste emissions, with special attention to ban those products of a single use. These regulations require companies to introduce adjustment programs and environm...

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Intangible Assets

Economic Significance of Intangible Assets in Nicaragua

In recent years, the "millenials", with the intention of getting rid of the "nini" label, have become empowered and focused on entrepreneurship, exploiting and taking advantage of technological development, making use of social networks to carry out their commercial activities. For the most part,...

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Notorious Trademark

Notorious Trademark Declaration Process in Costa Rica

Until recently, the only option in Costa Rica for a mark to be declared as notorious was to invoke this condition within a trademark process. The issue of notoriety was dealt with "accessory" to a main process and the processing of these declarations was not independent. It was thanks to the entry i...

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