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Monthly Archives: 30 August, 2019

Waste management

Waste management in Costa Rica

Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados bids the collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of biosolids and other waste from the Los Tajos wastewater treatment plant, under the modality according to demand. The waste subject to this tender shall comply with the spec...

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Urban Development

Master Plan for Urban Development in Honduras

The mayor of the city of San Pedro Sula, Armando Calidonio, has launched an ambitious project called "Master Plan for Urban Development" which aims to turn this city into a "Smart City" in 25 years. Intelligent cities are intimately related to the use of technologies and the powerful weapons they of...

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Accumulated vacations

Accumulated vacations in Nicaragua

Is it possible to accumulate vacations in periods in which the worker does not provide effective services due to medical reasons? In Nicaragua, article 35 of the Labor Code provides that suspension is the temporary interruption of the performance of the employment contract and may come from eithe...

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