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Investment Project

Construction of the expansion of the electrical substations in Honduras

The Government of the Republic of Honduras has received a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to finance the cost of the project Support for the National Electric Power Transmission Program, which includes the construction of new substations: Calpules, La Victoria and El Sitio; construction of expansion of substations: San Pedro Sula, Santa Marta, Progreso, Progreso, Bermejo, Choloma, La Puerta, Circunvalación, Comayagua, Villanueva and Zamorano; and construction of 138 kv transmission line: San Pedro Sula, Sur- Progreso.

The bidding process will be carried out in accordance with the international competitive bidding procedures set forth in the Inter-American Development Bank’s publication entitled Policies for the Procurement of Goods and Works Financed by the Inter-American Development Bank and is open to bidders from all countries specified in those policies.

The bidding will be developed in conjunction with Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (ENEE) and is divided into three lots, for which the delivery/construction period will be 24 months. All bids must be accompanied by a bid maintenance guarantee in the amount of:

  • Lot 1: USD 390,000.00
  • Lot 2: USD 700,000.00
  • Lot 3: USD 520,000.00

Deadline for receipt of bids: November 18th, 2021

Ricardo Duarte Jiménez
García & Bodán