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Investment Project

bypass projects

Construction for bypass projects in El Salvador

Construction for bypass projects in El Salvador, between the Santa Ana highway and the Sonsonate highway, includes sampling, testing, inspection, and comprehensive management of the quality of the design and work performed, in which the bidder must provide a technical bid that includes a statement of working methods, equipment, personnel, programs, and other information.

The project area is located in the department of La Libertad, in the central zone of El Salvador, at a distance of approximately 28 km from San Salvador and surrounding four municipalities: San Juan Opico, Ciudad Arce, Colón and Sacacoyo.

The project is funded by the United States, through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and is open to all bidders from eligible countries, as defined in the Bidding Documents. The bid must be accompanied by a Bid Performance Bond in the form and amount indicated on the BDS.

Deadline for the submission of bids: October 25th, 2019

Estimated cost of investment: N/A

Julio C. Vargas Solano
Managing Partner
García & Bodán
El Salvador