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Monthly Archives: 10 October, 2019


Plain tobacco packaging in Guatemala

The World Health Organization, better known by its acronym -WHO- negotiated a convention called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC); ratified by 180 countries, included Guatemala. This Convention regulates strategies and measures that States must implement, with the sole purpos...

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Consumer Information Right for Prescribed Pharmaceuticals in El Salvador

Consumer Law, establishes as a consumer’s basic right, to receive from the provider all details that allow having information complete, accurate, true, clear and timely, in order to determine characteristics of the products to acquire, its risks and secondary effects.  Typically, the consumer mainly...

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Digitalization of Regulatory Processes in Honduras – ARSA

The administrative simplification of legal processes and the technification of State institutions has allowed the modernization and improvement of time and processes in multiple procedures. Honduras is currently considering a massive transition to digital phases, from tax to regulatory issues, which...

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Exclusivity Right in brands in Nicaragua

Since it is not a historical tradition, nor is it popular knowledge, as are other areas of law with classic tendencies, the intellectual property area, specifically regarding trademarks and other distinctive signs, still finds itself in early stages of spreading and development within the population...

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Certification of the Authenticity of Artistic Works

I would like to begin by telling you that this time you spend reading this newsletter is one of the greatest honors my work allows me. We live in a rhythm of work that demands that we feed every instant of our agenda with a productivity of 24/7. If I'm not learning I'm not getting better and the wor...

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