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The link between Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property

We are in the Entrepreneurship Global Week, an event that is being discussed globally, and that this year involves more than 170 countries, perhaps the biggest quantity of participants since it began to be held more than a decade ago, as initiative of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN).

Entrepreneurship is much more than a fashion or global trend that has been increased with the help of information society. Moreover than that, it passed from being the answer to a rejected idea in a beginning, or of a non-valuated o unrecognized talent, to become a real global phenomenon of leaders that have been visionaries to anticipate to the market’s needs that has been changing in the last years. Some of the companies that has experimented a faster growth in the last years and have become in trademarks of worldwide renown, has emerged within the entrepreneurs’ communities.

García & Bodán, through its lawyers in its different jurisdictions where it operates, has been responding to the need that entrepreneurs have, of being legally advised and supported since their beginnings with valuable legal advices to structure the business, but at the same time with strategies to protect their ideas, negotiate the licensing of their intellectual creations and to enforce their rights when necessary.

Often, the essential part of entrepreneurship constitutes a work of the intellect that merits immediate protection before presenting it to the public. Is here where the Intellectual Property has an inseparable link with entrepreneurship, where is started to create awareness to the innovators about the value that their creations might have.

We celebrate that, in our countries, the centers of business incubator and entrepreneurship are increasing, supported by the academic sector and of course the business sector, that many time is constituted in the investor that supports this business project that has all the potential of being developed and succeed. From our position, we’ll continue giving the legal support to these initiatives and supporting the protection of all these intellectual creations.

Julio C. Vargas Solano
Managing Partner
García & Bodán
El Salvador