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Investment Project


Road infrastructure for the development of communities in Nicaragua

The total loan from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) for the development of the works that benefit 137 communities is US$70,450,000.00 plus a contribution from the government of Nicaragua of US$1,290,500.00.

The VI Road Improvement Project program involves the paving of four road sections, for a total of 73.16 kilometers in length, an initiative that allows the integration of fertile and productive regions, as well as accessibility to the departments of León, Estelí and Nueva Segovia.

The infrastructure projects are as follows:

  • Section La Paz Centro – Empalme Puerto Sandino road with 15.48 kilometers, the new infrastructure located in the Department of León, between the municipalities of La Paz Centro and Nagarote, improves the living conditions of the inhabitants of the surrounding communities, guarantees the transport of heavy vehicles and individuals, the reduction of the distance and a better journey time.
  • The paving of the El Regadío Junction – San Juan de Limay, department of Estelí with 29.29 kilometers, is estimated to end in April 2021.
  • Road section Las Vueltas – Las Cruces, Nueva Segovia department with 10.78 kilometers and the Jícaro – Murra with 17.61 kilometers.

Each of these programs is framed within the bank’s Institutional Strategy 2020-2024 and complies with the strategic objective of Productive Infrastructure.

The progress made in the execution of road rehabilitation and improvement projects in Nicaragua demonstrates the strengthening of regional integration, which is being promoted by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

Federico Gurdián Sacasa
Managing Partner
García & Bodán