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Investment Project

IDB announces international public bidding for the Strengthening of the Secondary Data Center of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala

The Public Ministry of Guatemala has published an international tender through the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to be implemented within 120 calendar days. The tender requires the strengthening of the Secondary Data Center, therefore, the Secretariat of International Affairs and Cooperation is seeking suppliers for an IT and Telecommunications contract.

The contract is divided into two lots, with a period of 90 to 120 calendar days, as follows:

a) Lot 1: Hyperconvergence system with container orchestrator.

In this stage, the aim is to develop:

  • Cloud platform licensing: 1 unit, including network virtualization, storage, compute, log management, IT operations for private cloud, cost measurement solution, modern architecture automation capable of presenting a unified catalog and lifecycle management tool through a centralized cycle management dashboard for virtual machine management and container orchestration in a software-defined data center scheme.
  • Hyperconverged nodes: 4 units, which must have a rack chassis for at least 24 disks, with two Intel Xeon Gold processors and 8 RDIMMS of 64GB memory.
  • Switches for interconnection: 2 units, with 24 SFP28 ports and 4 QSFP28 ports, 16GB CP memory, Prometheus and Grafana module enablement, with three-year warranty.
  • Upgrade for storage hardware (3.84 TB SAS Flash Disks): 6 drives, three SAS disks for the primary site and three SAS disks for the secondary site, as an upgrade for Dell EMC UNITY480XT storage hardware.

b) Lot 2: SQL Servers.

Composed of the following deliverables:

  • SQL Servers: 2 units, with chassis for no less than 24 storage disks and twelve NVMe disks, 4 Intel Gold processors with at least eight Cores and 3.6GHz each.
  • RAM memory kits: 2 units, each kit of 32 DIMMs, with 1024GB of RAM memory for DELL R930 5TMHND2 and DELL R930 5TMGND2 servers.
  • Training service on official courses of the manufacturer Linux Foundation after the installation of the equipment.

This contract is part of the Program to Strengthen and Modernize Guatemala’s Public Prosecutor’s Office, which seeks, among other objectives, to increase the effectiveness of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in order to contribute to the reduction of impunity in Guatemala. The goals with the implementation are to increase efficiency in the processing of complaints and cases; increase the quality of indictment requests presented to judges; and reduce internal response times and citizen attention.

The total amount of the program: USD 60 million

Deadline for receipt of bids: November 18th, 2022

Paul Rodríguez
García & Bodán