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Pro Bono

García & Bodán provides Pro Bono service to the Learning One to One Foundation in Guatemala

Through TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s pro bono legal assistance program, García & Bodán connected and provided Pro Bono advice and assistance on labor issues to the Learning One to One Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive reform, using Fontan Relational Education, a proven pedagogical model that focuses on the development of cognitive skills along with intellectual, personal, and socio-emotional skills. This pedagogical model personalizes the learning pathways of different students on an individual level according to their abilities and interests, relating everything they learn to their own reality and using technology as a platform for personalized learning.

Learning One to One has begun working on an international scale and has partnered with local schools and governments to provide professional development and training to teachers in Guatemala. After providing the development and training to teachers, they follow up with those teachers to ensure that they are introducing best practices from the training into their classrooms. In order to provide this follow-up, the foundation seeks to hire and partner with people in the communities where the teachers are working as temporary independent contractors or consultants for specific projects.

García & Bodán Guatemala has supported this foundation in the execution of these engagements by reviewing its current consulting agreements and modifications for use with these independent contractors and has also conducted an analysis of the implications of employing individuals in other countries as temporary independent contractors.

The proceedings were conducted by Associates Paul Rodríguez and Gabriela Arias.